Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Long-overdue Update

I apologize to my blog followers, the few of you out there. This blog post is long overdue. I bet you were all getting sick of the the song "Puppy Love." A few things have happened since my last post. Here they are, but not necessarilly in order:

1. We had a video chat with Josie. The kids and I got to spend over an hour talking with her and watching her dance, twirl, play piano, and show us all her toys. This was the first time my girls got to see her 'live' and they loved it. Now they are asking everyday to see her again. We are going to try to do the video chat weekly so that Josie can get to know us a little better before she comes home. She looks very healthy and happy. She was in good spirits was asking me for things to buy for her.

2. We received another generous donation towards our adoption. Thank you Professional Construction Services! You are beyond awesome, and through God, have blessed our family greatly.

3. DAVID COOK IS THE NEW AMERICAN IDOL! We are all David Cook fans and were so happy, and surprised, he won. (We loved Archuleta too. Another very talented young man.)

4. Steven Curtis Chapman's youngest daughter was killed. About an hour after American Idol was over, I heard the awful news. SCC's youngest adopted daughter, 5yo Maria, was accidentally run over her driveway. My prayers and sincere condolences go out to the family. I cannot imagine such a horrible tragedy. Who can? The Chapman family has done so much to help orphans all over the world and have answered the call to care for the orphans in a huge way. They are the founders of
Shaohannah's Hope which is a non-profit organization to assist families financially in the adoption process. They have adopted three little girls from China. Here is their family website if you would like to learn more about them. (Steven Curtis Chapman has written many songs about adoption and the call to care for orphans, one of them being the song "What Now" which is the song featured on the video I put together from when we went to Guatemala to meet Josie.)

Please pray for the Chapman family as they try to overcome this tragic event and their tremendous loss.

5. We are in the planning stages of an "Adoption Fundraising Garage Sale." It looks like it might be held on Shay's birthday weekend, June 6 & 7. Here's the flyer.

6. Our girls performed and sang in their choir group at church. The play was called "Esther-Ordinary Faith," and was based on the book of Esther. The play was one of the best ones they've done yet, and the message of faith brought the entire audience to tears. Both girls had solos and sang beautifully. I am so proud of my girls. Haley is on the left, wearing the red belt, and Aubrey is the one giving the bunny ears to her neighbor.

This video is a little shaky. Shay kept trying to grab the camera.
(Remember to pause the music before you watch the video)

7. We just returned from a Memorial Weekend mini vacation. We had river plans, but cancelled them due to cold weather. We ended up in San Diego at the KOA campground. The weather was cool, but nice enough to enjoy ourselves. Of course, the kids didn't even feel the chiliness in the air. There were activities all weekend long for the kids. We barely saw the girls. Grandma came and that made it extra special. She even watched the kids while Sammy and I snuck out one evening and walked 1/2 mile to a Japanese restaurant for dinner. Here are some pics from our trip. I may post more when my mom sends me the pics she took.

Shay was scared of this Dinosaur. The boy's finally got some fear in him.

Naptime for the boys. Sammy joined them shortly after.

The girls on the hayride. I didn't get too many pics them, because they were usually off and running or in the pool.

Sammy, learning to ride the "lay-ur bike" (as he called it.) Daddy is pulling him with Homie's leash.

Didn't take long. He became a pro in no time at all.

Silly Shay, he found his comfy spot.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Look What We Got!

We got a new puppy! I know, I know, those of you who know us personally know that the LAST THING WE NEED IS A PUPPY; but how could anyone resist this sweet face...
(Daddy wasn't with us when we got her. He would have been the only one resisting.)

This is Harlee
(No relation to Harley... as in Harley Davidson)

"Mmmm... Is that PB & J I taste? I think I'm going to like it here."

Sammy loves his new puppy.

Shay is sharing his juice with Harlee.

It was another beautiful day, so I decided to vacuum the pool. The kids were all begging to go in even though the water is only 65 and is not quite *chemically correct.* I caved and let them go in, thinking they would get to cold and get out in a matter of minutes. Boy was I wrong. They played in there for well over two hours. They had a good time despite their blue lips afterward.

It's been three nights now that Shay has been in a big-boy bed. He wasn't too sure at first, but now he loves it. Here he is on his first night.