Thursday, February 4, 2010


Just a quick note to let all my friends and family know that we are home safe with our precious Saron.  I promise to write the details of our trip, but for now I will just post a few pics.  Saron came home with a double ear and throat infection.  I was at the ER with her for five hours today.  I am exhausted and Saron is hurting... my poor sweet baby :(  She got a shot along with another prescription to knock out the infection.  When the medicine kicks in, I will be able to spend a little more time updating ya'll. 

In the meantime, please enjoy the pics.  It was an incredible,  memorable, heart-wrenching, joyous trip!
Our first meeting.
Saron was not at all impressed, but it was only a matter of time before she warmed up to us and was smiling up a storm.

All dressed up and ready to go on our embassy date.

She learned how to play peek-a-boo quickly!

Thank you Jesus
Our prayers and condolences go out to the family members of those killed in the Ethiopian Air flight 409 that crashed in Lebanon.  It was due to land around the same time our flight did.  We heard about it moments after we got off our plane.