Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy Birththday Aubrey Nicole.

Saturday was Aubrey's 9th birthday. We had a small celebration at home with just the family. (Next year she's going to have a big birthday bash.) Here's some pics from that day.

Sammy, trying out his cousin's fireman's helmet.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

He said YES! Josie, here I come!

My darling husband has done it again. Just when I think the man can't possibly understand me, he surprises the heck out of me. He said YES to me (and Shaybear) going to see Josseline for her birthday on March 5. It's only been two months since we were there. I thought for sure he'd say no way. The fares were so good, I think it was hard for him to say no. He was probably thinking that this trip should hold me over for at least two more months and it won't cost us nearly as much as it did in December. The entire round-trip fare for both Shay and me was only $407. Shoot, there's not much that can beat that. Here's a pic of the man I love so much.

Only 12 more days until I get to do this little girl's hair again. Boy did she love to be pampered. She loved everything *girly.*

Aubrey will be 9 years old on Saturday. I can't believe my baby girl is so old. Why do the years have to fly by so fast. (Please ignore my cluttered countertop. I cleaned it yesterday, sorry you missed it.)

Haley (and Aubrey above,) doing their favorite things, playing their DS.

Sammy looking so sweet and innocent. He looks so precious in pictures, but let me tell you...

Shaybear playing on the patio.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday

I took this photo of Shay yesterday. The sun was setting and shining in through our slider. I wasn't trying to get a great shot--but it worked out that way. I love those accidental professional shots. (Bubba, Haley's rabbit, bit Shay on the nose the other day. Shay decided to open his cage and stick his head in it. I guess Bubba felt threatened and bit Shay on the nose. Shay will be the fist to tell you that he got his "boo boo" from "Bubbool.")

Here's a couple more from yesterday.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Ride 'em Cowboy and Sam's Diner

Today, the weather was beautiful. The kids are outside, still, and they are pretty dirty by now.
Here's some snapshots I took of Shay just minutes ago trying to ride on Cowboy, our basset. As you can tell Cowboy LOVES the attention. He walks right up to Shay and stands there so that Shay can throw his body all over him. (When Cowboy's had enough, he just sits or lies down.)

Yep, you can tell Cowboy and Shay just don't get along.

Hey Buddy, I think your 'um gettin on the wrong way.

Shay is handing out sand if anyone is interested. And even if your not interested, Shay will make sure you get some!

For the last three days, the kids have been playing restaurant on the back patio. They named the restaurant "Sam's Diner." The food's pretty good. I'm just getting tired of the same old thing.

Here is Sam himself. He only comes out of the kitchen for compliments, (and fruit snacks. That is, real fruit snacks.)
Assistant Chef Haley posing for a photo with Head Chef Sammy.

A happy customer.

She's really enjoying eating that plastic hotdog with her plastic fork.

Sam is so nice, he even feeds the rat that hangs out at the restaurant.

He's even been known to dine with the rat on occasion.
No, he's not too proud.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Results are in....

And it's a match! Josie's DNA test results came via Fed Ex today. With it came a color-photo of Josie and her birth mother. The photograph is heartbreaking. Both are crying, but managed to smile for the photo. My heart breaks for Josie's birth mother. Just to try to put myself in her shoes brings me to tears. I can't imagine such a sacrifice. I hope to have the chance to tell her one day how much we love that little girl and how much we all cherish her. She has already brought us so much joy. My children love her so much and they have never even met her. Josie is a part of our everyday conversation, she is included in all our plans, she is a part of our lives and she's not even here yet. I cannot wait until that day when I hold her hand again and never have to let go.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


What Is Faith?
"Faith is not a belief that everything will turn out to please us; rather it is the confidence that no matter how things turn out, God will somehow use the events in our days for His glory and for our good".
~E. Stanley Jones


I have been feeling very kept lately. I know why. God is speaking to me in volumes these days. It is amazing how crystal clear His Will is regarding this adoption. Many of you know how uncertain it is with regard to adoptions in Guatemala, even for those of us who have made the deadline so that we can be "grandfathered" into the old system. Everytime I get the slightest bit anxious, I pray, and almost immediately a peace comes over me. The Lord has made it known to me that it is not about the money, or us, or even Josseline--it is about answering His call and being obedient to Him.

"When God calls you to do something, you will probably have to change what you are presently doing and get in on what He is doing. You may have to run to keep up with Him."
~Denise Glenn

I know that everything goes through the hands of God before it reaches us. Not only has the Lord answered my prayer to change my husband's heart, but he has also been making it possible by providing funds for us to adopt Josie. The decision to adopt Josie couldn't have come at a worse time for us financially. But what better time for God to speak to us so that we can put our faith wholly in him, and him put us in the position to make the right and important decisions. It is so easy to forget that nothing is ours. Everything belongs to God, and that includes our money.
If we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything is ready, we shall never begin.
~Ivan Sergyevich Turgenev
PS~DNA is a match! I will write the details when I get the hardcopy in the mail.

Friday, February 1, 2008

DNA is Done!!!

I got word this week that Josseline's DNA was done! This is great news! I am waiting on word from Guatemala as to how it went with Josie seeing her birth mother. I'm sure it was tremendously hard on the both of them.

I am also happy to say that we received our updated homestudy. Now that that has arrived, we are Fedex-ing our completed dossier tomorrow! It will first go to a courier in Sacramento to get state certified, then it will come back to another courier in Los Angeles so that it can be authenticated at the Guatemalan Consulate. (There are many documents and photos in the dossier, but there are 17 documents in all that need to be certified and then authenticated.) Then it will be off to our agency for their review and approval. And finally it will be off to Guatemala City to Josie's attorney. If all goes as planned, the dossier should arrive in GC on Friday of next week. They will be there just in the nick of time for CA Registration. (New Guatemalan law states that ALL cases must be registered with the "Central Authority" by February 12, 2008, in order the adoption to fall under the *old pre-Hague law.*)

On Monday, I will be heading to Los Angeles to the USCIS office, aka "immigration," to apply for an I171H. This is a document that states that we are approved to adopt a child from Guatemala. We were able to use the I171H that we got for Shay to start the adoption for Josie, but before we can bring her home, we will need another one that is specifically for her.

I will post as soon as I hear more news. Please pray that our documents reach each destination on-time and in-tact.