Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Some pics I've taken over the last month.
Best buds having leftover pizza for lunch in their "underjacks,"
(that is what Sammy calls overalls.)

(Sammy got his haircut today,
but I haven't taken a pic yet.)

Shay, pre-haircut.
(Shay took a hard fall on the concrete driveway and got a nasty scrape on his lip and nose. Sammy was running toward him to give him something and fell on him knocking him over.)

Post-haircut. Wow, does he look like a big boy!

Pet snails??? Is it possible?
Well, it is with my girls.
Getting ready to race!
Hours later... and we still don't have a winner.

Hey, What Time Is It?


We spent the weekend at the river. It was one of our best river trips yet. The girls got to bring a friend and spend a lot of time on the *taco raft.* To say they had a good time is an understatement. Little Sammy is getting better and better with the water; and Shay, is still a fearless fish. The weather was over 100 every day, but it was never scorching, (which is the norm for this time of year.)

My girls and their friends.

Smiley girls!
That is a tear in his eye.
I think he cried for all of 10 seconds before he was OUT.

My handsome hubby.
Surfer boy with a Cheetos face.
I just love pics with water drops.

Sam the man.
Haley and Shay.
Aubrey and Sam.

Aubrey having too much fun... and too much sun!
Shay and Sammy
The girls on the raft.

Shay with Keifer, a family friend.
Shay and Keifer.
Shay Bear.

Sammy pulling into the dock.
I got the courage to try out the raft.
In the "no wake zone" of course.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Russian Orphans Come to So. California

Yesterday, one of our local churches hosted a singing and dance performance of 11 visiting orphans from St. Petersburg, Russia. The children performed traditional Russian songs and dances. They have come to bring the needs of older orphans to light.

Nightlight Christian Adoptions sponsored this 13th (I believe they said 13,) annual event along with Detsky Dom Partners. (Detsky Dom Partners is an organization that helps orphan children throughout the world.)

These children were absolutely stunning in their brightly-colored costumes and their excellent dancing skills. They were chosen to come because of their dancing skills and good behavior. They are here for a three-week tour and will be performing at more than 10 locations, including Disneyland. I read that the children have an opportunity to live with an American family for the duration of their trip. How awesome is that!

It is sad to think of what these children have to go back to. Of course, I couldn't help thinking of how I wanted to adopt every one of them, especially one in particular. Eleven orphans came here to represent the approximately FOUR MILLION orphans and homeless children living in Russia today.

The program flyer says this:

1. The most important thing you can do is to pray for them--for their protection and that they will develop into strong and productive young adults.

2. Search your heart to see if God is calling you to become a partner, to give of your time and resources for these children, in whatever way He leads you.

3. Tell others about these special children and the opportunity to help through Detsky Dom Partners and Nightlight Christian Adoptions.

4. Make a donation to help provide humanitarian aid for the children back in Russia.

Here are some photographs and video of their performances.

You can also click here to see a clearer photo of all the children and see photos of last year's tour.

Friday, July 18, 2008

An Inspiring Post... but not from me.

I am so glad that I stumbled upon Renee's blog a couple of weeks ago. She is such an inspiration to me. Her husband wrote a moving post yesterday. A testimony of sorts, about his adoption experiences and the Lord's provision. It is worth sharing. Please click on the link below and read it, and you too will be inspired.

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

You can find her entire blog by clicking here:

Steppin' Heavenward

Happy Birthday Robby!!!

July 15 was Robby's birthday. Robby is in Chicago right now working at the Reba Place Fellowship . We are going to have a small birthday celebration when he gets home. He is having such a good time doing God's work, that he decided to stay a few more days.

Here is a pic of Robby, moments before he left on a greyhound bus headed for his first missionary trip last month.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy 50th Birthday Tina Marie (my sis)

July 15 is not only Robby's birthday, but also my sister, Tina's. Robby will be 19 and Tina will be the big FIVE-O. On Saturday, our family friend Teri, had a Birthday BBQ for Tina. We had so much fun. (Just look at the photos and videos. They speak for themselves.) The weather was perfect, the food was awesome, but the company was the best!

Here's Tina cracking up over her birthday card from Haley. It has FIFTY candles on the cake AND all around the outside has the number 50. Exactly the reminder she needed!

Tina and Mom dancing. There was great music. We couldn't help it.

Grandma kissing Shay

Tina testing out the back seat on Sammy's Harley.

Switching hats

Sammy on his Harley, and a nice desert background.

Tina had these great hats. All of us girls had to get pictures with them on. Here's Aubrey.

And Haley.

The girls together. Red hats & blue eyes.
Caleb, Michael's Son, Tina's Grandson

Tina, Mama, and me.
My Latin little man.

Muy guapo esta me Shay Mateo.

Tim & Teri, the hosts of the BBQ and our very good friends.

Caleb and Sammy, best buds.

Natalie & Michael (Tina's son)

Me, Teri, & Tina

Sammy & Teri

Me & my main sqeeze.

Tina and Domenick (Domenick is her oldest)

Daddy & Sammy

Some videos. Like I said, we had a great time.