Sunday, March 9, 2008

Party... Room 626 at the Grand Tikal... Be There or Be Square!

Josseline's birthday party was a big hit. Thanks to Shay's wonderful foster family, we had a pinata (that was almost as big as me,) a delicious chocolate cake, and lots of kids which, I think, made it extra special for Josie. She had a smile on her face almost that whole day.

The pink dress that she is wearing was made by Sammy's mom. She had made one each for Haley and Aubrey about five years ago for their birthdays. I brought one for Josie to wear because it is the perfect party dress. She loved it. I know she felt like a princess all day; and I am so happy that I could do that for her.

Friends, Glen and Melanie were in Guatemala picking up their son, Christian. They also attended Josie's party. They all had a great time, that is until Shay bit sweet Christian's finger. (I think Shay thought it was some kind of *love bite* because he wouldn't stop
hugging and kissing him moments earler.)

Melanie, Shay, Lito, Eduardo, Josie, Dianne


One Busy Momma said...

Beautiful dress for a Beautiful Birthday girl!!!

Glad she had a special Birthday!!!

Mary Ann said...

She looks soooooo happy! What a sweet face!
Mary Ann

Katie said...

How beautiful !!!!

GuateMom said...

She looked very happy at her party. I got teary eyed watching the video. She seemed care-free if just for a short time. She will treasure that video someday.

Big hugs!

Jenne said...

Happy Birthday Josie! She is SO beautiful! The video brought tears to my eyes, she looks so Happy.


Our Family of 5 said...

Oh Carla! She is stunningly Beautiful. Is that a word? lol
She looks so pretty in her dress!

Guate4Jack said...

I just found your blog and had to say I admire what you are doing. She is an adorable little girl and her story broke my heart. Good luck and here's to a speedy process!!

Becky and Jack

Dewey & Stacey said...

Carla, Her little face just glows. I'm so glad you were able to have a birthday party for her, its looks like everyone had a blast. Those are wonderful memories for her.
Best Wishes

Ruthanne said...

She looks like she had a lot of fun at her party. It has to be so hard for her to trust that she might really be able to be happy again. She will always remember what a great day that was!!

Karen said...

Hi Carla,

Abby used to tell me that her Mom was at school or at work and she was going to come back and get her.

Now, 3 years later she tells me how glad she is that I'm her Mom.

It's one HARD adjustment. But Lord knows, and with prayer and the help of a councler we got throught it.

Abby's biggest issue was, SHE was the caretaker and SHE had to make sure the bio-mom was OK, ate, etc.

The issue still comes up.

God bless you my friend. Hang on to Him.