Thursday, June 12, 2008

So Little Time and So Much to Say...

That is the story these days. I've been wanting to post for days now, but the time has just gotten away from me. We have a busy household, what can I say...

1. I met, in person, a friend that I made over a year ago via internet. She has become a great friend (over the past 14 months of phone conversations.) She and her husband have a beautiful son, Henry, from Guatemala who is only a few weeks older than Shay. We found out we were using the same agency and had gotten out of PGN at the same time. For pick up, we were in Guatemala at the same time too, (a year ago this week,) but at different hotels. We finally met each other at her son's birthday party on May 31st.

It was a great party with many photo opportunities. They had a petting zoo, (with the friendliest animals I have ever experienced at a petting zoo,) pony rides, and a pinata. They didn't miss a thing when planning this party. My kids' parties could never measure up to this one, to which I was quickly reminded of this as soon as we got in the truck to go home.
Here is their son Henry. Isn't he THE most adorable child ever?

Love this photo!
This boy is so big. He weighs more than Sammy
but doesn't have an ounce of fat on him.

Couldn't get Haley away from the animals... as usual.

Aubrey and the miniature pony.

Sammy having a ride on the pony.

Shay had nothing to do with the pony. And he wasn't crazy about the petting zoo either. He loves animals, but has figured out, through some not-so-pleasant experiences, that animals bite.

Shay and Henry swapping stories on how to throw dirt and grass.

2. My sweet and precious baby, Shay, turned 2 years old on June 6th. We will be celebrating his birthday in two weekends. Sammy's 4th birthday is on the 29th of June, and we will combine the two for one big celebration.
This is the only newborn photo I have of Shay. When I saw this photo on the photolistings, I didn't even know he would be our son.

Here is Shay celebrating his 1st birthday with his foster family in Guatemala. I love his foster family and think the world of them. We still keep in touch and see them every time we go back to Guatemala.

Lito, sweet baby Shay, and Leslie.

And here he is one year later on his 2nd birthday.

3. June 6 & 7 was our "adoption fundraising garage sale," and it was a hit. The weather was beautiful and hot. We had lots of customers and lots of donations. We raised almost $1000. We couldn't have done it without my friends and my mom. My girls did a fantastic job selling pastries and cold drinks all day. Sammy was working out of town and my friends came to my rescue and helped me so much. Thank you Teri, Cheri, Colleen, Tori, and Mom. I couldn't have done it without you.
4. Josie's birthmother interview happened. The attorney said it was rough at times, but worked out in the end. She said that it was very hard emotionally on both Josie and her birthmother. This was a major step in the adoption process, and I'm so glad it's over.

5. Our case received kick-out with 3 previos. After the file is released from the PGN, the previos will be fixed and resubmitted. The attorney says that if everyone goes smoothly from here on out, we could be out of PGN in 6 weeks and picking up in another 4 weeks. That's great news!!!

6. One year ago, on June 9, 2007, our son, Shay Mateo, was placed in our arms forever! It was a day that we will never forget. June 11th was our embassy appt., and we were on our way home on June 13th, one year ago today. I will never forget the anticipation I felt to get home to the rest of our family on the drive home from the airport. I could not believe my son was sitting right next to me here in America. FINALLY, he was home! And seeing my children's excitement when they first laid eyes on Shay, was priceless. They had waited so long for him.

I'm posting the video I put together of Shay's homecoming, along with some photos of his first day home. I still can't believe it's been a year. And what a year it's been. What a blessing this child has been to our family. Adopting has been such a positive experience.

All together at last. Shay is loving Sammy's blond hair.

Sammy was so cute. Every time Shay would nap, Sammy wanted to also. Unfortunately, that didn't last long.


Ruthanne said...

Oh my gosh...where do I start?!? Congratulations on Shay being home one year. His baby picture looks JUST like him, only smaller. :)

The party looks like it was a LOT of fun!! The birthday boy is TOO cute!

Yay on getting the BMI done. That is WONDERFUL news. I can't wait to hear that your sweet little girl is on her way home!!!

Heidi said...

WOW! So much going on! Glad everything is going smooth! Great news that the BMI is done. What a relief!

lovingourtwoguys said...

Carla, WOW! What a great set of pictures. I know I always say this, but your kids are just so beautiful. Shay's baby picture could NOT be more precious. And the pic of Sammy and Shay sleeping? ADORABLE.

I am soooo happy about the BMI (as I know you are). I can't wait to hear that Josie is out of PGN and on her way home!

Dewey & Stacey said...

Happy Birthday Shay and Sammy!!! I can't wait to see pics of their party!!!
And congrats on the progress on Josie's case!!! I'm so glad the BM interview is done and over. Now back to the task of bringing that darling little girl home. Keep us posted!!
Yipppee on the yard sale!! $1000 thats great!! What a great fundraising idea!!
I love the video you put together, it brought tears to my eyes seeing how hapy you all were. And could Shay be any cuter??
I'm glad all is well with you!
Have a great week

Ferrick said...

Oh my goodness...when you post, its always a lot at once...and I enjoy every picture and every word. Loved the video, watched the whole thing. Cant wait to read the manifestation of God's promise in your OUT of PGN! Blessings, Susie