Friday, August 22, 2008

Back in, Beds & a Bug

I am posting tonight with good news. We are back in PGN!!! I hope and pray that PGN is good to us and gets Josi outta there, with an approval that is, ASAP.

Here are some pics of my girls' room. We put in Josi's bed a while ago, but I let my girls put on their new bedding too. Now all three beds match and the room is so cute--and clean--right now. I had to post these pics for Gramma to see that their room is not always a mess.
I took this photo before my girls fixed the stuffed animals the ceiling net,
and replacing the 80's ceiling fan is next on my hubby's honeydo list.

Check out this moth Haley found. I call it a Mothasaurus Rex. We thought for sure that she found the biggest moth ever, but we stood corrected as we saw, compliments of the world wide web, that there is one with a 10-inch wingspan. This one had about a 5-inch wingspan. Still it was huge. It could easily be mistaken for an albino bat. When Haley found it, Harley had already had her way with it. It was a bit squished but still alive.


Kelly said...

AWESOME ROOM!!!!!!!! :D I cannot wait to see Josi in it! :) The moth is too cool! Karaline is a moth freak (are you shocked?). Her favorite moth is the Luna Moth because it's so big.

Our Family of 5 said...

The room looks fantastic!! Can't wait to see Josie in there with her sisters!

Stacey and Dewey said...

LOVE the kids room, too too cute. Josi is going to be THRILLED when she see's it.
And good grief huge moth, and brave girl to hold it!
Have a wonderful holiday weekend

Ferrick said...

Its always so fun to check on you. The room is adorable. I am impressed that all 3 girls will share a room, yet have their own space. You are such a wonderful Mom. Believing for Josi's out!!! Susie