Friday, October 10, 2008

FFF - Josi shaved her eyebrows off!

If you get our Christmas card this year and wonder why Josi looks different, but just can't put a finger on it, you'll know why after you read this post.
I got an email from Josi's foster family informing me that Josi had gotten a hold of her teenage foster-sister's eyebrow trimmer and proceeded to trim her own eyebrows--almost completely off.

Her foster mom is so wonderful to tell me things like this and I am so thankful for that. She took some pics for me so that I can put them in her scrapbook/lifebook for her. (And to think, I could have missed this.)

Here is Josi with her eyebrows missing. She has katsup on her face because she was eating McDonald's.
I cannot wait for her to come home!!! The web cam visits and occasional pics are what keeps me going. Thirty-five more days until I get to see her again.
That is the eyebrow trimmer she is holding in her hand.
She is looking quite proud of herself, isn't she?

I LOVE this photo. I can't wait until the time comes where she feels safe enough, once she's home with us, to reveal her goofy personality. It's so nice to know that she has a sense of humor.

Even though she is still adorable without eyebrows, I do hope they grow back at least a little, because I do plan to take a good photo of her for our Christmas card this year when I am there next month.

This must be her intoxicated-with-pride face.


Stacey and Dewey said...

What a crack up!! She is still just cute as can be. The pictures are wonderful, they show what a cute little personality she has, love her expressions. What an amazing FM to take them and send them to you. Definetly a moment not to be missed :)
Have a great weekend!!!

Christine said...

Oh my. How funny! She is still a cutie!

Michelle Riggs said...

You have a beautiful family. What beautiful pictures of your new daughter.

Praying that she is home with you soon.

Mary Ann said...

Carla, that is tooo funny! She is still adorable and I love all her little faces she makes!

Daphne Edwards said...

These pictures are too sweet! What a lil' silly!

JoAnn said...

Eyebrows or not- Josie is Cuuuuuute! What a funny story for her life book :)

brazzel6 said...

How cute and too funny!!!! What a darling!
Praying that Josie is home soon!
Kayla Brazzel