Sunday, November 30, 2008


First Order of Business: The Raffle. This morning I printed out 21-named tickets to be placed in the Tupperware bowl. Then I recruited my kids to do all the work. They loved it!
The kids were so excited to see who the winner was. Sammy picked the winning ticket.

The winner of the Raffle is spelled: M a r y A n n!!!

Case Update: So far, we have a RENAP birth certificate, (this is the most time-consuming hoop to jump through in the birth certificate retrieval process, which normally takes anywhere from three weeks to three months.) I am praying that our case will make it's way to the US Embassy by the end of this week. We have been told that once it is submitted to the embassy that pickup time is usually in about three weeks. So far, there is still a possibility that Josi could be home for Christmas.

The Boys: Sammy has been having a lot of fun with his guitar. Shay is allowed to strum on it only under supervision as he tends to unscrew the screws at the end of the arm that make the strings tighter or looser. (Can you tell I'm not well versed in musical instrument terminology.) Shay was thrilled when he got to strum along with Sammy for a song. Of course, I had to get this on video. I love the way Shay just "cut it loose." Also love the fact that he closes his eyes when he sings. He's a very passionate child.

Thanksgiving: We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It was on the smaller side this year, only 14 of us. The food was great, but the company and fellowship was even better. Since I was hosting, I didn't get a too many photos, but did manage to get some of us girls in a few posed shots.
Amanda (my niece,) and my mom

Tina (my sis,) Amanda, me, and Mom

Amanda. She's beautiful inside and out!

Aubrey, Mandy, and Haley
(My girls got haircuts a couple of weeks ago. Aubrey went really short and Haley got bangs. I think they both turned out great.)

This is Sammy leading the prayer at the kid's table. Sammy has made a complete turn-around lately with praying. A few months ago he was too shy to pray, now he will pray anywhere, anytime.

Helping Dad: Sammy is building plan cabinets for Edison in our garage/workshop. He loves when he gets this type of side job. A job he can do at home while still spending time with the family. He even gets a cook at his disposal--Chef Mom.

Here are some photos of both Sammys hard at work. Little Sammy just loves helping daddy.


Mary Ann said...

Yay!!! I am so excited!! We will be looking forward to getting that cute little doll! I am also sooo excited to hear Josi has her BC!!! I HAVE FAITH SHE WILL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS!!! great pictures of everyone! looks like you had a great Thanksgiving!

Our Family of 5 said...

Congrats on the BC Carla. That is fantastic new! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you!

Christine said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We got the doll! It is precious--- and my girls love it. Dennis touched it, tried to lick the nose and threw it down. Very funny!

Christine said...

P.S. Where was my mind? LOL, thank you so much... it was very thoughtful of you!

Mary Ann said...

Carla you are being tagged!
please go to my blog and read the details!