Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Long Overdue Photo Update on My Family

It's been so long since I've posted anything that's not adoption-related. I thought I'd at least post some photos of our summer and some of fall. I tried to make them in order, but some may not be.

Sammy and our friend Richie at a summer evening Dodger game.

Best Buds.

Shay with his women.

Haley and her friend, Anna.

Shay playing with the yucky green water.

Getting ready for a lot of dirty work.

Daddy, pooped out after hours and hours and days and days of preparing for our new swimming pool.

Having fun in the mud.

Yeah.... Mud

A little cold after the mud bath.

Aubrey with a little mud.

Sammy with a little mud.

Let the mud-fest begin.

Haley with a little mud.

This is too much fun!

Helping daddy on the Bobcat.

Shay is clean, (and adorable)! For the moment.

This is how deep our pool is.

Shay's not clean anymore. These boys LOVE the mud. This was probably the worst two weeks of my life. There was mud in every crack and crevice of these boys. Not to mention, the mud and dirt in my house.

Yea!!! It's FINALLY over. The pool took 3 weeks to the day from start to finish. Here it is filling up.

The boys in the cave.

All the kids on the cave.

So pretty at night.

Great pic of Robby, except for the background of the wheelbarrow and trash behind.

Sammy fell and hit his head on the fireplace hearth. No stitches, thankfully, just butterfly tape for a week to hold it together.

Aubrey doing her schoolwork.

Proof, that daddy likes Homie.

Halloween 2009

Sammy wearing his Full Armour of God.

A pic of Robby's new, (I hesitate to say "first,") tattoo.
It is called a Chi-Rho. The "P" and the "X" are the Greek letters which begin the name Jesus Christ. The "A" and the "O" represent the first and last letter of the Greek alphabet, and symbolize Christ as being the first and the last as He says in his Word.

Desert sunset.

Sammy doing his schoolwork.

Two resting Turkey Vultures perched on our Joshua Tree. They migrate to Mexico for the winter.

Another Dodger Game.


heather said...

Love, love, love the pics! You have great family! The pool is absolutely beautiful! Your husband did a wonderful job, the pics of the desert sunrise gave me chills! Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us!

FHL said...

Wonderful photos!!! And your pool turned out gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

omg...LOVE the pool. it is beautiful and HUGE...perfect for an expanding family. :) i am so excited to hear that you are getting closer to the arrival of your new little girl. :) congratulations!