Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Four months in pics...


Having so much fun dressing up my real live baby doll ;)

 Boys having fun with Papa Sam building towers with math manipulatives.

 Sammy's first T-ball game of the season.

 Grandma Louise and Saron
Aubrey turned 11 this month.  We had birthday pics, but they were accidentally deleted before we transferred them on the computer :( 


On our way to our first beach trip of the season.
A very sleepy Sammy. 

Saron was not happy with the beach at all, especially the water.  She did warm up to the sand however.

 The sand was just "okay."  Not many smiles while we were there.

Lots of smiles, and chills, from the boys. 

 The girls had great fun too.

Didn't realize we were out of candles until it was time for cake. So Haley opted for farm animal candles and a No. 5 for her age.  Of course, we happily obliged.  

More ball field pics

Easter 2010

Some pics of the boys in the backyard.  Courtesy of Aubrey's capturing.

 My girls being goofy with my camera.

Girls playing with make-up (actually paint,) my camera, and Photoshop.  
I think they look pretty darn good. 

 Soccer time!

Robby finally had enough with his beautiful curls.  He chopped them all off.  I couldn't even watch :(

We got a new bird.  A hand-tamed cocketiel.
Her name is Delilah... (Unless of course we figure out that it is a boy, in which case his name will be Rico.) 

I will end the month of April with a pic of this gorgeous desert sunset, (courtesy of Haley ;)


Time for soccer for Shay!

The girls taking pics of their new Africa gear.

A visit from Aunt Tina and Gramma

Our boys helping the landscapers.  We are getting landscaping.... WHOOOOHOOOO!!!
  Can't wait to feel soft grass under my feet.

Family pic with ALL of us...  Even Robby, (taken for our three-month post placement for Saron.)


Paula said...

You have a beautiful family, from Robby all the way down to little Saron. Enjoyed catching up with all of you via pictures. :)


It is so good to hear from you and see all the great pictures of the family! It looks like things are going great.

The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

Great photos!!! Not the curls! He looks great. It about killed me to have Luca's curls cut off. His didn't grow back. You have a beautiful family.

Alex and Sam said...

love seeing the updated photos.... you have a beautiful family

Boys R Us said...

Your children are precious! So happy to see an update from you!

Elmo said...

Hello Kitty promotes Paganism.

Mary Ann said...

I still read! You get way more comments that I do.... I love all the pictures they are really great! Love seeing all the pictures of that sweet baby girl!

Double Wide Mom said...

What a beautiful family!
God bless you all.