Friday, February 1, 2008

DNA is Done!!!

I got word this week that Josseline's DNA was done! This is great news! I am waiting on word from Guatemala as to how it went with Josie seeing her birth mother. I'm sure it was tremendously hard on the both of them.

I am also happy to say that we received our updated homestudy. Now that that has arrived, we are Fedex-ing our completed dossier tomorrow! It will first go to a courier in Sacramento to get state certified, then it will come back to another courier in Los Angeles so that it can be authenticated at the Guatemalan Consulate. (There are many documents and photos in the dossier, but there are 17 documents in all that need to be certified and then authenticated.) Then it will be off to our agency for their review and approval. And finally it will be off to Guatemala City to Josie's attorney. If all goes as planned, the dossier should arrive in GC on Friday of next week. They will be there just in the nick of time for CA Registration. (New Guatemalan law states that ALL cases must be registered with the "Central Authority" by February 12, 2008, in order the adoption to fall under the *old pre-Hague law.*)

On Monday, I will be heading to Los Angeles to the USCIS office, aka "immigration," to apply for an I171H. This is a document that states that we are approved to adopt a child from Guatemala. We were able to use the I171H that we got for Shay to start the adoption for Josie, but before we can bring her home, we will need another one that is specifically for her.

I will post as soon as I hear more news. Please pray that our documents reach each destination on-time and in-tact.


Ruthanne said...

YAY!! for DNA!!! That's great news!!

Hope things continue to move forward so that precious little girl can get home to her forever family.

Mary Ann said...

Great news!!!!!!!! I am so happy things are moving for that sweet little girl!!!!!!!

But now I am tagging you!
go to my blog for more info.

MAry Ann