Monday, January 19, 2009

Attempts at a family photo

We had to send in a family photo along with our application to adopt at the agency we hope to use. These are our attempts. Not too bad in that it one took us less than a 1/2 dozen tries.

Woops, this one was an accident. Robby is in his favorite kind of clothes. I've got to hide those holey pants with a kid.

This one looks good and would work, except that Shay doesn't look too happy. We'll try again.

Wait, mom isn't in this photo. And Robby is telling Shaybear to smile.

Almost perfect, except that Aubrey is looking the other way.

Aubrey is looking great, but now Shay isn't looking at the camera.

Finally, everyone is looking forward and smiling.
And you can't tell that Robby is wearing his "comfey" clothes.

Black Widows in January!
Black Widows are very much alive and well here in Southern California, even in January. This one was living in our patio furniture.
She was at least two-inches long.
Here she is after the "shoe squish." Don't want to squish too hard or else it will be a gooey mess that I will not clean up.
Check out the hour-glass on her belly.

Aubrey having a late-night waffle snack after a nice bath.

Oh how we love being a homeschool family.

Here is Haley doing her English, quite comfortably.


Faith, Family, Future said...

HEHEHE!! I totally understand my are doing great for just a short amount of time.
Our Christmas family picture took over an hour and we never accomplished the "everyone smiling" part. At least we have fun trying to take them!!


Kerri said...

Love the outtakes! I'm impressed that you got everyone to look and smile at the same time. I can't even do that with 3 of us.

~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

Beautiful family. Love seeing a slice of your life. The spiders - not so much. yikes! :)

Rhonda said...

I am soooo glad it's not just US that can never ever get ALL the kids to ever ever ever look in ONE direction!!! Beautiful family you have.

Mary Ann said...

I love all the happy family pictures! I know how hard it is to try to get everyone to look at the camera and smile! But I do not like the spider picture! Eeeewww!
Its good that you saw it and that it did not find you all first!

Anonymous said...

The older biy is good lookin:):)

julie said...

We love homeschooling in a comfy spot too. Great pictures of the family. I am so excited for your news.

Wishing you many blessings,

Jillienne said...

Hi there! Just jumping over from the CHI group!
The family pictures turned out wonderful! I remember when we took ours, comedy in motion! You will find that they do something quite cute with the pictures when you are in Ethiopia.
Looking forward to reading more about your family!

The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

Beautiful family! Best wishes on your journey. My prayers are with you.

We homeschool too and I love the joy of being with my children all day. They also love the comfort of schooling. Nothing like doing lessons in your PJ's.

Stacey and Dewey said...

Beautiful family photo. I love that you showed the "almost there" pics. Because we ALL have them. Some more then others :)
And big ICK!! on the black widows...shudder and yuck.

Lisa said...

Hi Carla...just read some of your blog. What a journey your family has been on. We are another awop family in the process of adopting our daughter from Ethiopia. Good luck with all the paperwork and I am so glad to see another awop family!

Our Family of 5 said...

ewww, look at that bug. I got the heepbie geebies =)

Love all the out takes and final photo. You have quite the beautiful family!!

Mary Ann said...

Hey Carla, You received an award. Stop by my blog and see.

Amy Jo said...

Carla - I just sent you an email about your post on CafeKids. What a beautiful family you have!!! Thanks for posting all the fun pics, too! :-) BTW - we're a homeschool family as well.

darci said...

what a great looking family! :) we're a homeschooling family it!