Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Josi's Last Pic, Prom, and Pee Wee T-Ball

I received a new pic of Josi. I'm not sure if this was the last photo taken of her before her death, but it very well could have been. This was taken to be used for her 2nd DNA test, which never happened. That is my precious girl, so full of life.

Robby went to his girlfriend, Lauren's, prom two weeks ago. My son really cleans up well, doesn't he. I took so many pics of him, I actually started to make him mad, (and it takes a lot to make him mad.) I couldn't help it. I've haven't seem him dressed this nicely in a few years. Lauren looked gorgeous as well. Don't they make an adorable couple?

After the prom, I guess the seniors were going to have a Nerf-gun fight. Thankfully, we had some of those on hand. I love this pic of them... Mafia Style. The cross in the background is just so fitting.
Sammy is playing Pee Wee T-Ball this Spring. He is LOVING it. We signed him up on two teams because each team plays only once a week for one hour. For 3-5 year olds, one hour at a time is all their attention span can handle. So here are some pics of Sammy on his Saturday team, The Dodgers. GO DODGERS!

Here are some miscellaneous pics of the kids I've taken over the last few weeks, in no particular order.


Mamita J said...


That picture of Josi must be so special to you. She sure was a beauty. I hope your heart is okay today. Still praying for you.

Also, your other kids are precious. Loved the mafia pic and the sandbox.


Mary Ann said...

what a special picture to have! She was sooo happy in that picture! What a beautiful precious angel she was!

I am so glad you updated us with pictures! Its been a while! I love seeing what you all have been up to!

Great Pictures!!

Melanie said...

I agree, I have missed your updates and pics. The kiddos are getting so big. Sammy and Shaybear have really grown a lot! The girls are beautiful as ever, and Robbie yes Mr. Robbie sure is a handsome fellow! I don't blame you I'd be taking tons of pics of my sweet boy all cleaned up! And of course, Princess Josi...forever precious.
Sending you hugs from KY

Rhonda said...

Your kiddo's are adorable and what fun "prom" pictures. They look so adorable together. How fun :-)

And a very special photo of a very special angel, Josi.

Big cyber hug, Rhonda

Anonymous said...

just a question, but you dont have to answer, what happened to josie? Why wasn't she safe?

Blog Owner said...

Josi was in a loving home. She was safe, as far as anyone could tell. Josi wasn't the only one that died in this tragedy. Four other people died, including two children. There was lots of love in the home. There was no reason to believe that she wasn't safe. As much as it hurts to say, it was just time for them to go home.

Michele P said...

You are thought of often and loved by many! Thank you for being an inspriration to us all! Praying that the Lord continues to heal your heart and lead you towards your two new daughters! Congratulations! May it be a smooth journey with much happiness at the end!

Erin said...

Just stopping by ... You have a beautiful blog! Much Peace.

Kim & Dave said...

Such a special thing to get that picture of Josie!!!

Loved your update & I'm so excited about your news from your previous post!!!

Candy said...

I could stare at that Picture of Josi all DAY...

Sandee said...

carla...regarding your comment on Olivia Mame's scrapbook. Yes, it was all done digitally, except for the ribbon and rhinestones. I printed out the pages, two to a sheet on 12 by 12 paper at Costco's photo processing...then cut out each page as a whole and glued it to card stock, punched three wholes. put in three rings and a little ribbon. voila!