Friday, July 31, 2009

Playing Catch Up Part 2 - Boys' Birthdays!

Happy 3rd Birthday to Shay Mateo.

Shay's birthday was June 6 and we had a small party at home for Shay. He loved his balloons, his cake, and of course his presents. He was in heaven getting all the attention for one whole day!

My handsome big boy!

Best friends!

Now that's utilizing both presents.

Family photo

Happy 5th Birthday to Sammy.

Since Sammy turned 5, he had a party. Lots of family and friends came to celebrate. Since I didn't get permission from all the parents to post their kids on my blog, I am only posting a few pics from the party.

Sammy had a Disney Cars' Party. He had a great big bounce house with a huge water slide attached. Sammy wasn't quite ready for the water slide, but he sure enjoyed the bounce house.

Everyone else loved the water slide, including Daddy and Shay!

The Birthday Boy!

Shay, cousin Caleb, and Sammy

Sammy and Grandma

Sammy's new bike!

Uncle Dino and Sammy

Grandma and Caleb.

Happy Birthday and Happy Father's Day to Daddy!

I got Sammy this gorgeous handmade, sterling silver necklace from Junkposse for a combo birthday/Father's Day present. It has a cross where Ethiopia is located, and Jeremiah 29:11 on the back. I loved it so much, that I ordered one for me too. (When our Ethiopian girls are older, we will give these to them.) Tracy Hanson is an amazing person and donates her time to help adoptive families to raise funds for their adoptions.
Up close and personal

Last, but never least... Happy Birthday Robby!!!

July 15th was Robby's 20th birthday. I cannot even believe that I have a 20 year-old son. Thank goodness I don't feel as old as his age makes me.
When your 20, you light your own candles

Talk about handsome!!!


Paula said...

Wow, lots of great pictures. You have a lovely family.

Rhonda said...

What a beautiful family. Happy birthday to all those special kiddo's :-)