Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More Pics and Video of Josi

My girls were looking through my photo albums online, when they came across this video. I completely forgot about it. You can imagine my joy, (and heartbreak,) when they showed it to me. It was from one of our many Skype video calls.

Here is Josi singing the Dora song.

This is a Skype snapshot of Josi.

She was telling me that when she comes home, she wants her ears pierced.

A video snapshot of Josi and her foster sister having fun together.

Her foster family gave her so much love.

Josi dancing for us.

My dancing girl...
no longer dancing for us, but dancing for Jesus.


Will and Aileen said...

What precious and priceless memories of your beautiful child. Your family is never far from my heart.

Rhonda said...

I can only imagine the joy and the sorrow at seeing those. She is truly a beautiful angel and I know she is walking hand in hand with Jesus and smiling for you forever.

Paula said...

What a beautiful child. Hugs.

Mary Ann said...

Beautiful, Beautiful happy girl! What a precious angel!