Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Photo Out-takes & Giveaway Info.

Well after over 80 shots, we did get some good ones. But I thought I would post some of the ones that didn't turn out so good.

I found this blog, My Crazy Adoption, through another blog and wanted to post about her great giveaway. She's giving away lots of stuff including two t-shirts. The grand prize equals $180 worth of gifts, and also some other giveaways. They also design and sell some awesome looking adoption t-shirts. I have seen many, and these have the coolest design and wording I've ever seen. In fact, I want one.

You have to check it out, just click the box below. The entries are free, easy and fun!



Nikki said...

Your kids are adorable.. I like the one where shay is just a blur :)


FHL said...

Isn't it funny that it's the not perfectly posed pics that truly capture our children's personalities! And it looks like you have a fun loving and cheerful bunch of cuties! All that's missing is one adorable brown eyed girl!

Mary Ann said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family! What fun pictures!Love them!