Friday, December 4, 2009

One year ago on December 5, 2008...

One year ago tonight, our family was rocked to its core, when we got the call that changed everything. Our daughter, Josi, whom we were days away from picking up was dead. Murdered. Stabbed to death. Dear God, could this be true? Could this really be happening?

But... today is also the one-year anniversary of a most Joyous event. Jhosseline Merary Alejandra Azhderian entered Heaven's gates and went home to live with her Heavenly Father in eternity. While we ache with sadness that we will never see her again this side of Heaven, we rejoice because we know that she is the happiest she could ever be. So much more happier than we could have ever made her, experiencing so much more love than we could have ever given her.

Josi may have been an orphan here in this awful, sin-filled, world; but she was never an orphan to Jesus. The way she died was worse than anyone can imagine, yet Jesus guarantees instant Heaven and carried her home in his arms. The moment Josi saw Jesus, she was made perfect, and completely transformed into the image of Christ. Now she has perfect pleasure, perfect knowledge, perfect comfort, perfect love, and perfect joy.

God is sovereign and perfect in all that he does. Obviously we cannot know, or understand, his full purpose or plan, but we can trust that his plan is perfect.

"For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways, for as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts." ~Isa.55:8-9

The first photo we ever saw of Josi
(It is dated December 5, 2007)

Visiting Josi

For one year we were blessed to know you and love you.
You will remain in our hearts until we see you again.



praying for your family today. I know this is a hard day.

Anonymous said...

i will always remember your sweet smile josi. :)

Mamita J said...


The Lord brought you to the front of my mind several times this week, and I wondered if the anniversary was getting close. You have been lifted up many times in prayer. May God continue to carry you through this heartache.


wvamom said...

What a struggle you have been through. I'm so sorry. I couldn't even believe it when I heard the news about Josi last year. What a beautiful little girl. I'm so glad she knew that she had a family who loved her.


Paula said...

I know this a hard time for you. I hope that a successful court date this week makes this a time of joy as well as a time of sadness.

Proverbs31Wife said...

Dear Carla,

You know I have the 8th written on my calendar but I couldn't get the 5th out of my mind but didn't know why. Now I do. Will be praying until we hear the good news. And then afterwards until she gets home.

Proverbs31Wife said...
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