Saturday, February 15, 2014

Latest News on the Homefront

We have some exciting news to share!

Last summer we hosted an orphan from Ukraine for six weeks. When we set out on the journey, we had no idea how this boy would affect our lives or our hearts. We knew for certain that we were done adding to our family. We went into this with our eyes wide open and hearts sealed shut. Finished adopting, but with a heart for orphans, we wanted to do our part. We would host him, love on him, share the Gospel with him, pray for his future, fill him up with all the goodness a family could give. Provide him with the experience of a life time.  And when his time was up, we'd send him back with shoes, warm clothes, school supplies, and toys.

Well this boy came in, with his heart wide open, and completely steamrolled our excellent plan. He soaked up all the love we gave him and returned it tenfold. HE GAVE US the experience of a lifetime. No matter what he had to offer, he gave as hard as he could, all the time. The most eager child I have ever met. This boy filled OUR love tanks up. He fit right into our family like he was the missing piece of a puzzle we didn't even know existed. 

On the day he left, I gave him a photo album of his time with us as a keepsake. He was so happy that he fought back tears. And that suitcase that I was so excited to send him off with wasn't so exciting to me, or him, anymore. What I was once so happy to be able to do for him, was literally making me feel sick to my stomach. But I did it. I lovingly and tearfully loaded him up with lots of stuff to take back with him.  All that *stuff* I jammed in there felt like I was leaving him with the leftovers. Leftovers of our time spent together as a family. Leftovers suffice when you are starving for a meal. But once you've had the meal, the leftovers never taste the same.

So, our once sealed-shut hearts were busted wide open by an 11yo boy from an Eastern European orphanage. He unknowingly crept in there and has made his home inside. 
We would like to not only have him in our hearts, but also in our home. We want him to be our son. Our kids want him to be their brother.  

We are moving forward to adopt him.

Unprepared, but very motivated, last month we began the process to bring him home. Adoption from Ukraine is very expensive and we are asking for help. We will be doing various fundraisers in addition to our "You-Caring Fundraising" button on the side of the blog, where you can donate any amount.  If you cannot give, please pray along with us for a smooth and uneventful adoption process. Also for patience and peace for our future son.

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