Monday, April 7, 2014


Praise God, our dossier arrived in Kiev this morning!  Our agency tells us the timeline will go something like this: It will take a week to get entered and go into translation. On the week of April 14th, our dossier should be submitted to the SDA, (State Department of Adoption.) The SDA will then get back to us with an appointed date and time.  If all goes smooth with our paperwork, we should be traveling in approximately 8wks from the time we are submitted to SDA.  Which is around mid June.

We sent this photo in our most recent letter to Sergey.
With all the good news, we have this looming shadow of adoption debt hanging over us. We really need your help. We are not asking for a lot from anyone. But if everyone could help a little, it will add up to something big.  If, for example, all of our Facebook friends donated $10, we would have over $7500 raised.  That's crazy!

As most of you know, we are doing this really neat fundraiser called Sergii's Squares.  There are 100 squares on the board and if each number gets donated, that adds up to $5040.  To buy a square, please click on Give Now button on the right side of the blog.  I will then write "DONATED" across your square.  

And here's the incentive!  The sign company I worked for back when I was a young, single mom has printed vinyl window decals to help us out with bringing Sergii home.  I have decided to offer them as a gift to anyone who donates $20 or more towards our adoption.  We have both decals on our two vehicles, and I love them so much that I asked if they could duplicate them for us.  Not only did they do that, but they gave them to us free of charge to use for fundraising!

Measures approx. 4-1/2" diameter

Approx 11" long
As long as supplies last, we are offering one of these totally awesome decals for a minimum $20 donation.

I thought I'd post the first video I made of Sergii.  He was still here when I created it, happily playing outside with the kids. I cried and cried the whole time putting it together as I was doing it to advocate for him. I knew then I wouldn't be able to live without him. It took my husband a little longer to figure that out. But here we are... two months away from making him our son.  


Paula said...

I think he looks like you...definitely belongs with you. :)

Pauletta Hobson said...

Carla please save me a blessed by adoption decal. I will donate more on My next payday (4/30) I'm so excited for you all.

Dean Glover said...

That is exciting news! How is the fundraising going? I hope you’ll be able to raise a significant amount, enough to bring your boy home. We look forward to meeting him soon!

Dean Glover @ Adoption Network