Friday, January 18, 2008

No News.

Well, I was hoping we'd have something new to report about our case by today, but the only thing we know so far was that the amount for the DNA was charged, but no report as to if or when it was done. In Guatemala, the birthmother can change her mind at anytime. If they do decide to take their child back, most of the time it happens during the DNA test. At the time of the DNA test, the birthmother is required by law to have her photograph taken with her child on her lap. I imagine this to be a heartbreaking moment for the birthmother, and for the child if they are older--as in Josie's case. Giving up your child once has to be the hardest thing a mother can do; but having to do it twice... I just can't imagine. I can't stop thinking about Josie having to endure another painful goodbye from her birthmother. She hasn't seen her since she was relinquished. If her birthmother chooses to take her back, I will certainly understand. But I admit, I will be devastated. My heart is with this little girl in Guatemala. I love her, and I miss her so much already. I wonder if she thinks of me half as much as I think of her.

Here are some snapshots from the last month of my goof-troop in action.

This is Sammy in what he thinks is a "train engineers" outfit.

Here are the kids doing the "choo-choo train" dance

Uh oh, the train de-railed!

Back up and running again

Off all the many Christmas presents, If I only would have known to get them cardboard, markers, & tape, we could have saved a LOT of money!

My handsome Robby showing off his new, no-sweatshop beanie.


Tara said...

I'm thinking of you during this rough time of "no news". Just thinking about Josie's birthmom doing the DNA photo brought me to tears. Hugs to you, Carla!

Ruthanne said...

Carla--it is so hard on the birthmom's during DNA, but older kids must be so heart-broken to have to say good-bye again. I can't imagine. I'm saying prayers for little Josie through this difficult time.
Now, as for the goof-troop, they're adorable. Ummmmm.....Sammy. That is NOT an engineers uniform (unless Laura Ingalls became a train engineer. lol)