Saturday, January 26, 2008

Shaybear and Homie

Shay and Homie have a love/hate relationship. Shay loves to lay-on, pull-on, kiss, feed, and hit Homie. Homie... well... lets just say he keeps coming back for more. So I'm guessing that most of the time he loves Shay. (He's got that "man's best friend" mentality. If I were Homie, let me tell you, I would have been long gone by now.)

Here are some pics I recently took of Shay and Homie. This is what I deal with all day long with Sammy and Shay. Seems like Homie is learning some bad habits from the boys.

Here is Shay just lying on the floor looking so sweet and innocent--NOT.

Here comes Homie, and he's in one of those moods. Note the rubber bone right next to Homie. I'm embarrassed to say that Shay chews on it more than the dog.

Six-pound Homie is literally pulling Shay because neither will let go of the hat.

Grrrr! Homie's got that look in his eyes. He's going into mad-dog mode.

Homie wins victoriously! He takes his prized hat over to his prized sock that he had won minutes before.

All in a day's work. (Homie suffers from "little-dog syndrome." If he finds out I posted this pic, he'd kill me.)


Dewey & Stacey said...

Hello Carla, I just saw that your posted to our blog. Warnerfamilyadventures. I'm so glad you found it. We have thought alot about you guys and hoped for the best. Cute cute pics of Shay and your dog!! Have you heard any news about Josseline? We are still waiting to get out of PGN. UGH!!!

Our Family of 5 said...

Shay is such a cutie!! Love the pictures of him and his friend!!

Tara said...

LMBO at the last pic of Homie! You could submit that to Chihuahua Fancy (LOL...made that one up) and win 1st place for cutest pic!

Ruthanne said...

Those are hysterical!! Shay looks like he's having a GREAT time. I promise not to tell Homie about that last picture. ;)