Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Some pics I've taken over the last month.
Best buds having leftover pizza for lunch in their "underjacks,"
(that is what Sammy calls overalls.)

(Sammy got his haircut today,
but I haven't taken a pic yet.)

Shay, pre-haircut.
(Shay took a hard fall on the concrete driveway and got a nasty scrape on his lip and nose. Sammy was running toward him to give him something and fell on him knocking him over.)

Post-haircut. Wow, does he look like a big boy!

Pet snails??? Is it possible?
Well, it is with my girls.
Getting ready to race!
Hours later... and we still don't have a winner.


Stacey and Dewey said...

Love the overall pics, the boys are just too cute, and those pics say it all.
I was VERY traumatized when we had Luke and Kolby's hair cut. They really do go from the "baby" look to a boy in mere minutes. Its a little much for a momma to watch :)
Your girls are so clever painting the snails shells, cute!!
And love the boat pics, how fun for your kids to be able to grow up having such amazing memories.
Have a great week!!!

Tara said...

LOL at the Snail Race Carla! Too cute that the girls painted them :)

Kelly said...

LOVE the haircut! I cannot believe how much Aubrey and Sammy look alike. And Karaline is sitting here going NUTS over the pet snails! lol She finds snails all the time and makes them her pets, but she has never decorated their shells or found any that big. She just ran outside to try to find more. LOL Too funny! Our girls would get along so well!