Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hey, What Time Is It?


We spent the weekend at the river. It was one of our best river trips yet. The girls got to bring a friend and spend a lot of time on the *taco raft.* To say they had a good time is an understatement. Little Sammy is getting better and better with the water; and Shay, is still a fearless fish. The weather was over 100 every day, but it was never scorching, (which is the norm for this time of year.)

My girls and their friends.

Smiley girls!
That is a tear in his eye.
I think he cried for all of 10 seconds before he was OUT.

My handsome hubby.
Surfer boy with a Cheetos face.
I just love pics with water drops.

Sam the man.
Haley and Shay.
Aubrey and Sam.

Aubrey having too much fun... and too much sun!
Shay and Sammy
The girls on the raft.

Shay with Keifer, a family friend.
Shay and Keifer.
Shay Bear.

Sammy pulling into the dock.
I got the courage to try out the raft.
In the "no wake zone" of course.


Mary Ann said...

I just Loved your update and all your pictures. Shay looks so big with his new hair cut!

Bette Harper said...

It is so cool to check out your blog everyday and hope for news or pictures.... best way for a Grandma to see how her kids are doing. I wish I lived closer, I am missing out on so much, the kids are growing up so fast. My little guys aren't so little anymore and my beautiful girls are such young ladies now. The kids are so lucky to have such wonderful, loving parents. I love you all.... you deserve it!!! Hugs and kisses XOXOXO Grandma Bette

Ruthanne said...

Your river trip pictures always look like SO much fun. I want to come with you guys!
Shay's new haircut is super cute. Your girls are becoming beautiful young women.

Tara said...

Carla! It is so gorgeous there! WOW! What amazing water set against a beautiful background! It looks like your family had an excellent time playing together!

Kelly said...

These are the GREATEST pictures Carla!!!!!! The picture of you guys tubing with the background is so beautiful (and so different than what we see here). WOW! I think I need to come to SOCAL for some lake/river playing! :)