Monday, July 21, 2008

Russian Orphans Come to So. California

Yesterday, one of our local churches hosted a singing and dance performance of 11 visiting orphans from St. Petersburg, Russia. The children performed traditional Russian songs and dances. They have come to bring the needs of older orphans to light.

Nightlight Christian Adoptions sponsored this 13th (I believe they said 13,) annual event along with Detsky Dom Partners. (Detsky Dom Partners is an organization that helps orphan children throughout the world.)

These children were absolutely stunning in their brightly-colored costumes and their excellent dancing skills. They were chosen to come because of their dancing skills and good behavior. They are here for a three-week tour and will be performing at more than 10 locations, including Disneyland. I read that the children have an opportunity to live with an American family for the duration of their trip. How awesome is that!

It is sad to think of what these children have to go back to. Of course, I couldn't help thinking of how I wanted to adopt every one of them, especially one in particular. Eleven orphans came here to represent the approximately FOUR MILLION orphans and homeless children living in Russia today.

The program flyer says this:

1. The most important thing you can do is to pray for them--for their protection and that they will develop into strong and productive young adults.

2. Search your heart to see if God is calling you to become a partner, to give of your time and resources for these children, in whatever way He leads you.

3. Tell others about these special children and the opportunity to help through Detsky Dom Partners and Nightlight Christian Adoptions.

4. Make a donation to help provide humanitarian aid for the children back in Russia.

Here are some photographs and video of their performances.

You can also click here to see a clearer photo of all the children and see photos of last year's tour.

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Kelly said...

LOVE all the videos Carla!!!! You're right, that one little boy does remind me a bit of Kollin. All beautiful children! what a wonderful thing to get to see.